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What's Happening This Month?

Flyer for Family Cafe Event

Wife of Gov. Sununu kicks off Mental Health Awareness Day

Mental Health Awareness Day
The North Country Partnership for SEL Practices, including SAU 36’s System of Care Program Director, Kelly Dussault and incoming Director of Student Services Director, Shelli Roberts are recognized by First Lady, Valerie Sununu for exemplar efforts in New Hampshire around Children’s Mental Health and Social and Emotional Learning.  Mollie White, Executive Director of the Coos Coalition for Young Children & Families also represented. 

31 Tips to Boost Mental Health

Collage of pictures from Coos Coalition Early Childhood Summit

The Coos Coalition for Young Children and Families hosts its fourth collaborative summit at the Town and Country Motor Inn in Shelburn, NH on Tuesday, April 2nd.  Keynote speaker, First Lady Valerie Sununu gives an inspiring speech on the importance of proactive collaboration among early childhood efforts and education.  Nearly 20 SAU 36 early childhood educators, administration and related services staff represented this group, sharing out the collaborative work happening in our region.  Additionally, SAU 36 Kelly Dussault, System of Care Program Manager,  Shelli Roberts, Bethlehem Elementary School Principal and Lori Langlois, Executive Director of North Country Education Services were part of the world cafe presentation portion of this day, presenting on the regional collaborative, North Country Partnership for SEL Practices.

Flyer for Parents Meeting the Challenge by NAMI

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Third Thursday of every month!

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February is

Choose Love Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Awareness Month

A great opportunity for our students.  


The Choose Love Movement is seeking poetry expressing what “Choosing Love” means. Using poetry as a creative expression, students will illustrate Choosing Love and how that thoughtful choice shapes and impacts their life and/or how it affects the lives of people around them.

We want to see how creative you can be and what influence Choosing Love has had in your life, your class or at home.

  • Choose any style poem, short or long, rhyming or not.
  • Choose one component of the Choose Love formula or the overall Choose Love message.
  • Be creative and expressive.
  • Write about a particular experience or general thoughts.

Selected Choose Love Poems will be posted on our FacebookTwitter and other social media pages and all submissions will be compiled in a book celebrating Social and Emotional Learning Awareness Month. Prizes will be awarded for select poems in Elementary, Middle and High School levels.


Choose Love Movement - poetry contest

This month and every month, last Monday of the month! Don't forget about....Caregivers Raising Children Support Group

Poster for Caregivers Meeting

List of names of famous people who suffer with mental illness